Statement Necklace

So I purchased this necklace a few weeks ago and I recently received it. I wanted to do a review and tell you all about it. So this company, Mirina Collections, contacted me about their jewelry. I went ahead and ordered this necklace, this one is called the Andy. It took a good 3 weeks to receive, their website warned me so I knew. They are handmade. I was so excited when I finally received it, except it was damaged. :( I contacted their customer service department and sent them a few pictures. Within 24 hours they contacted me and told me they had reviewed it and were sending me a replacement. I had a brand new, perfect necklace within 2 days. So far I was happy with their customer service.

The necklace is stunning! At first I wasn’t too sure how I would style it. If you know me or  follow my Insta feed, you know I wear more subtle jewelry. I immediately started thinking of outfits. I was so pleasantly surprised when I paired it with just about anything!

I’ve had this black dress for years and as soon as I added the necklace it took it up to a whole new level. The jeans and tshirt looked so stylish just adding the necklace. If you are like me, you love fashion but aren’t sure you would know how to wear such a fancy looking necklace, let me tell you, it styles itself! It is the main piece. You don’t have to try hard to style it. I actually love it most when paired with casual clothing. It looks so chic and effortless, my fav!

As a bonus, they gave my friends and family a discount code. Make sure to use linda20b to receive 20% off your order. And don’t forget to contact me, tag me, stop me when you see me and let me know if you purchase and what you think. I love hearing your stories!

As always, praying God blesses you.

Xoxo, Linda

Dressy AndyFormalAndy

The An dy NecklaceTHe ANdy1


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