God, Family and Fun Times!


Can I just say how much I love Sundays?! They are my favorite day of the week and today was no exception. Sundays always deliver, I am never disappointed :) I love them because even though as believers and followers of Christ we praise Him and try to incorporate Him in everything we do, Sundays are literally the day where everything can wait, it is His day. God was on to something when He said we needed a Sabbath Day. He knows us so well. We are always on the go, go, go and it is hard to stop. As a family we pick our outfits (yes my 3-year-old picks his the night before, haha!) and we head to church to praise our Lord and Savior for being so amazingly loving and merciful every day! Today was pretty exciting for this momma! Okay, a little background to how I grew up. I grew up in church. My parents were pastors.  I grew up in Los Angeles, Ca. and was constantly having to defend my faith, I was taught from an early age that I had to choose. I always had to choose. Following Jesus or the world. I guess you could say I’m a radical Christian, haha! And I’ve realized I’m okay with that.  I grew up with parents that always taught us that if you get an opportunity to serve in your church, you always say yes and you honor that job as if you are doing it for God even if it’s just praying for the offering. But over the past years having a family and being the primary care taker of my home and the nurturer of my children, I’ve had to put serving in my church on hold because I am taking care of my home and kids. And even though many times I felt like I was never going to get the opportunity to “change the world” or be an “active member” of my church, God always reminded me in the most loving and non-judgemental way, that caring for my home and my kids was my first ministry, and that I WAS changing the world. I have tried to do my best and have enjoyed every minute of it! Well, today we finally committed to helping and serving in our church. We were given the opportunity of joining the prayer team at our church and after discussing it with my husband and talking with our amazing children’s pastor, we realized it was doable and were so excited to join! Today we had our first meeting and it felt like such a milestone! There is a new season ahead and we are so excited about it! So please keep us, and our whole prayer team, in your prayers. We take it so serious and want to honor God with everything He entrusts us to do. Praise God!

After church my hubby took us to lunch. We decided to clear our “schedule” and spend some much needed time unplanned and carefree.  I know the week and all it’s responsibilities start tomorrow and I thought it would be fun to just go somewhere new. The weather was beautiful! So we headed to Highland Park Village and oh my, it is super cute! We had lunch at one our favs, Mi Cocina, and headed to Starbucks. After doing a little shopping, but mostly window shopping (hehe), we headed home for naps. Can I just add that the baby decided to blow up her diaper :-/ No really, she blew it up! Haha! Thank God I had packed a dress for her cause I knew it was going to get warm. We ended up throwing the pj away because of the atrocity that happened to it, haha! Just wanted to share some of the crazy, yet normal parent stuff. You are welcome by the way :) Here are some pics of our outing. Yes I started a little photoshoot with my kids, all moms do that ;) They are seriously my pride and joy. I am one proud momma! Hope you don’t mind.

IMG_5952All my babies

IMG_5927He is so handsome! I am one lucky girl!

IMG_5941IMG_5943IMG_5937IMG_5953IMG_5955IMG_5960Thanks for reading and God bless! Love, Linda

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