Sao Paulo, Brasil [Part 2]

We visited Avenida Paulista, a tourist area. It was a great place to visit. You really get a glimpse of that city life. It is surrounded by large buildings, but there are also huge trees and amazing parks that look like jungles right smack in the middle of the city. It was breath taking. IMG_0928IMG_0915IMG_0903 (1)IMG_0939IMG_0937IMG_0943IMG_1048

Right under the museum, in the middle of the city there is a ledge, you can overlook the city and it’s beautiful landscape. We captured this photo of the boys holding hands, a memory I will never forget.IMG_0951IMG_0954

My hot husband busting some moves with the boys. There was music playing in the background, our Latin blood calls to dance :) He was actually “battling” with them. I was laughing so hard but the boys were having a blast! IMG_0999IMG_1005

Matilda was hot and a little tired but she was still smiling. IMG_1042IMG_1029

Across the street from the museum were some street vendors and a beautiful park. It was phenomenal! IMG_0944IMG_0964

I took my camera inside the park and took just a few photos when a guard told me I was not allowed to take photos. I couldn’t capture the beautiful grounds. It is enormous, with walking trails and play areas for kids. What a gem!IMG_1161IMG_1164

One of my most favorite memories in Sao Paulo. There was a man dressed as a clown with music playing and chalk. He encouraged everyone to write something positive, inspiring, loving on the sidewalk. We were so excited to take a moment and leave our mark, even if just temporary.IMG_1062IMG_1069IMG_1074IMG_1111IMG_1097


Xoxo, Linda

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