Happy Thanksgiving!

So Thanksgiving just passed and I wanted to take some time to document it. First of all because I don’t remember the last time we got a family picture of everyone in my family. Kids and all! Our family is complete, as in no more grandkids will be added so it was very special to … More Happy Thanksgiving!

Leather and Lace

So I am typing this post and seriously, I am so sore! Lol. I started to work out yesterday night after having my daughter and let me tell you, I am so sore! I worked my abs out because they are in major need of some tightness (just keeping it real) and oh my, I … More Leather and Lace

Camping by the beach, broken AC and Hotel life…

Let me start off by saying…you would not believe the week I’ve had! So it all started last Friday. I was getting the boys ready for bedtime around 7:30 pm, I had rented a movie (American Sniper) and was preparing for bed myself. My husband walks into the bathroom and says, “Start packing, we’re going … More Camping by the beach, broken AC and Hotel life…

God First Bro!

So today my oldest and I decided to wear the same shirt. I had to share a couple pictures. I love to see his smile when we dress alike. I love this shirt, I ordered them online for the boys however the sizes where wildly different from the size chart! I’ve ordered from there before … More God First Bro!