Sundays: God, Family & Fall Fashion

blogfalloutfit5Let me start off by saying how much I love Sundays! It’s always been a favorite “family” day for me. When I was little, my dad worked a lot. He worked 12-15 hour shifts and he never complained, one of the many reasons my dad means the world to me. But every Sunday, he got dressed in his Sunday best and would sing around the house because he was so excited to go to church. My mom would make us breakfast and we spent the whole morning at church with my family and friends. After church we would go grocery shopping for the week and come back home and my mom would make us dinner. I always remember how happy my dad was on Sundays. I also remember how beautiful my mom looked every Sunday. My mom has always had amazing style, even if she was on a budget. She wore beautiful dresses and matching shoes. She always looked so beautiful, especially when I would see her on stage at church. Both my parents have given my sisters and I such an amazing spiritual heritage. They love God and have amazing gifts.

Now, a mom myself, I still love Sundays. First off, my hubby is home! He sometimes makes breakfast and let me tell ya, he cooks a mean breakfast! It’s a day we all get ready to go to church and just relax. We do a little shopping, we eat at a nice restaurant and just enjoy the gifts the Lord has given us. The week is so full of appointments, must-do lists and demands. It’s always necessary to have that Sabbath day to enjoy God’s creation.

Yesterday we did a little shopping. The boys needed jackets, so we headed to Nordstrom Rack. I found some great deals and a jacket myself. By the way, Nordstrom Rack is a dangerous place I tell ya! It is full of amazing deals and quality stuff. I didn’t realize I have one so close to me now that we moved. I don’t know if that’s so good for us, ha! One of my favorite finds was this purse! Oh my, I was so ecstatic when I spotted it. It was the last one, hanging by itself and it is gorgeous! I am such a fan of the Chanel Boyfriend bag, but like many, cannot afford the price tag. There are many designers out that make similar bags for a great price. I was keeping my eyes open for a good deal. This bag is made by Anna Luchini and it is genuine leather. It has amazing quality and I love the color! I got it on sale for $115! I tried to find it online but couldn’t find it anymore. I believe the retail price is $450 from what I found online? In anycase, you can always replicate this look with other fabulous designers out there. Here are some options (similar, similar). I also went to Old Navy for my hubby and found this cute vest. It fit great and they are 40% off right now! I got a few and I love them! Paired with some rider boots (mine are old but similar here) and a flannel shirt and you’ve got a comfortable, warm, stylish outfit.


I still feel awkward posing for pics. Here’s a candid pic my hubby took. I had to share! lol blohfalloutfit3

Xoxo, Linda

“Lord, you are my God; I will exalt you and praise your name, for in perfect faithfulness you have done wonderful things, things planned long ago.” Isaiah 25:1



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