Caitlyn, I will call you ‘Beloved’

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I’ve been thinking about this subject for a few days. I’ve been debating whether to write something or keep my views to myself. I’ve been told many times not to push my christian beliefs on people, both by Christians and non-Christians. And as much as I have contemplated not sharing my thoughts to avoid raising eyebrows, I feel the need to address it. 

Caitlyn Jenner, formerly known as Bruce Jenner. Yes, he is a transgender woman who says he is a Christian. Yes he has been called a hero for being public about his decision and for sharing his difficult story. As a Christian woman myself I don’t understand personally about his struggle. I can’t say he is a hero to me. And I cannot agree with his feelings that maybe God made him a man with the soul of a woman because He wanted to see what Bruce would do? The Bible tells us that we were fearfully and wonderfully made. It tells us that our creator knitted us in our mother’s womb. He doesn’t make mistakes. And He doesn’t design anything with the intention of seeing what we as humans would do to fix it? I understand how as Christians we might feel insulted when people say he is a hero. When people applaud his “bravery” and say to just let him be happy. And as much as I understand those feelings, my inner soul aches for Bruce. I feel deep sadness when I think of the world he has lived in for the past 65 years. We live in a fallen world full of sin. Sin entered our lives because we allowed it. (Romans 5:12) We know that Satan is the author of lies, nothing more. He finds us at our weakest moments and he lies to us. I don’t know the details of Bruce’s childhood or the reason for such a lie to conceive in him as a little boy. But I do know that it is a sad way to live. To live in such confusion. To live with such a big secret. To feel ashamed and not have any answers. To try to suppress it and hope it goes away and never feeling happy about yourself. At the end of the day, it is not my business to understand why or how and to explain his sin, I am a sinner too. My sin might look different but I still sin. The reason I wanted to address this is because there is a huge need for the church to grow during these difficult times. The world keeps telling us we need to be more open-minded and accept people for who they are, and even though I will never be so open-minded that I go against God’s word and accept sin in my life, I do think the church needs to be more accepting and needs to grow to be able to have answers, support and unconditional love for the gay, lesbian, transgender, etc. community. 

I grew up in a Christian home. My whole life I have been a Christian. There was a period in my life when I rebelled and wanted to try it my own way, but it wasn’t too long before I realized I couldn’t do it without Him. My God, my Father, my protector, my everything. He took me back, no questions asked. He loved me more than I could ever imagine even though I was so unloveable. He works daily in my life because of His unfailing love and grace. I know He is the answer when we feel it’s hopeless. I was there. He did it for me. That is the reason I live for Him today. That’s what I want for Bruce. I want true freedom for him. I want him to know God in such a way that his true identity is finally revealed to him and he finally lives in true freedom. But let’s be honest, most churches run away from cases like Bruce. Most “Christians” are looking at him with judgement. Most do not feel love for him or feel his pain. The Bible says to love others more than ourselves. If Bruce was your dad, brother, husband, son, would you be heartbroken? Would you see him differently? Would you get on your knees and start praying until there was break through? Would you start looking for ways to understand and grow in knowledge to be able to help? Why aren’t we as Christians doing just that?? I am sure many with his same problems come to the church or go to their christian friend and want to know what they think about it? And sadly, we have no answers. The truth is the enemy is having his way. His victims are hurt, confused, looking for relief from the pain and exhaustion of the constant lies the enemy tells them….what are we doing about it? People say, wow, this world is getting worse and worse. And it’s true, the prince of darkness is having his way. Sin is everywhere now in days. But if we know that, we need to be prepared! We can’t keep looking at sin with judgmental eyes and not do anything about it? I think about my kids and the world we are leaving them, it scares me! The lesbian/gay/transgender community has such a high rate of suicide. It is heartbreaking! I can see why to so many Bruce is a hero. Many don’t have the courage to speak up, they rather take their own lives. I don’t personally empathize but I can sympathize and feel their pain as a woman that loves God and understands that our only calling in life is to speak the truth, His gospel, to the lost and hopeless. This is exactly what christianity is all about. This is what we were called to do, to hurt when others hurt and to give our lives to help others. 

Can I just ask you to pray tonight. Not for Caitlyn, for the church. That we would stop being so judgmental. That we would stop trying to put Christianity in a little box that only makes us comfortable. That we would love others more than ourselves and that we would pray without ceasing for the lost and hopeless. That we would understand that being a follower of Christ isn’t a title, it’s a heart condition. That He would renew our hearts and give us a heart that loves the unloveable. That we would live for His cause and not for our own agenda. That we would have a hunger for His truth and the wisdom and courage to share it with others. 

Lord I pray for Bruce and everyone else in this world that is going through the same struggle. I pray that you reveal yourself to them. That your word become real in their lives and that the enemy would have no say in their minds. That they would call on you Jesus and surrender their lives to you and seek your will. That  just as your word says in Romans 5 that sin brought death through Adam, we now have life in Christ if we choose to accept it. That you would pour your love over them and that they feel peace like they have never felt before. I pray Father God, that they would call on you and they feel safe in your arms. Bring clarity to their confusion and show them how perfect they were made and how loved they are by you. In Jesus precious name, Amen. 

Please feel free to share and leave a comment if there is anything you would like to share with me. God bless, Linda

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  1. This article is amazing !!!! I’ve been wanting to say something towards this situation but this article says it all and more . I pray Bruce would truly find God cause God is the truth and the way and the devil is a liar! !!

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