Summer, Family and Love

 Don’t you just love Ed Sheeran? That’s one of my favorite songs this summer!

So the summer has started and it is in full swing. I haven’t been able to get my thoughts together, it’s a constant go, go, go. With the kids home from school and the weather being so hot, the boys get overheated in the backyard and bored inside the house. With a baby to look after, it is hard to take care of everyone’s needs. I am trying my best! Lol.

In my attempt to try to fill our days with fun in the sun, we have joined our local gym. It has a nice pool with slides so I have been going every day for the last 2 weeks. The kids love it and I am exhausted! Haha. Isn’t that the way it always works out? Kids having a blast, parents glad kids are having fun but left drained.

Last Friday my hubby got a sitter and took me out on a much needed date! It’s the first time we have left the baby with a sitter since she was born. She just turned 8 months. We had to go out after we put her to bed, which was a little late. But omg, we were free! We had dinner, talked, enjoyed ourselves, we weren’t rushed, that is rare! Then we had dessert and walked around holding hands. Enjoyed some music from the band playing some soul and blues in the patio. It was amazing. We then headed to the movies and watched a movie. It was a great night. We miss eachother quite often. We started dating when we were 16 so we had plenty of time for eachother. When the kids came we were ready for them. I guess that’s why we’ve had four? We love our family! But we also miss those nights when it was just the two of us. Dating. Laughing. Falling in love. My husband has been the love of my life. He owns my heart. I miss him and he misses his wife. We know it’s just a season, and so worth the sacrifice. We try our best to stay connected, to remain in love and to never forget to make our relationship a priority.

I’ve been wanting to share some reviews on some pieces I’ve gotten lately. Summer ready pieces.

Let’s start with the wedges. I am a huge fan of wedges. Especially brown leather wedges. I have had three pairs I love for a few years now. And even though the style has come and gone and come back again, I love them! I think a good quality wedge will last you a long time and is worth the splurge. Recently two of my wedges were pretty much done. Lol. One actually broke in half. The wood part literally broke in half! They were Steve Madden, leather, great quality wedges. They gave their last breath a few months ago. So I was in search of a new pair. I found these Michael Kors wedges and looked everywhere for pictures of actual women wearing them. What they thought? And I only found small reviews and no pictures. I ordered them and let me tell you, I love them! They are beautiful. I love the color (I got the luggage leather) and for the height, they are pretty comfortable. I wore them for the first time about four hours and they were as comfortable as I hoped they would be. I know they will just get more comfortable with time since that’s what happens with leather. I also wanted to mention this super cute Rebecca Minkoff “mini MAC” crossbody bag in aloe/light gold. The color is so gorgeous! I love the gold hardware. It is such a cute bag. I must say it is pretty small. You can’t really fit a cosmetic bag and regular size wallet along with your phone. I just took some makeup essentials, my I.D. with some cash and my phone and that’s about all that fit! It is such a cute bag though. I will most likely wear it when I am out without the kids.

Here are some pictures from my date night outfit. I was having such a bad hair day, it was ridiculous! lol. We were in a rush, I did my best. Focus on the shoes and bag! :)

Hope you all have a great summer! Forgive me if I am a little MIA, I am super busy! I will try my best to check in as often as possible. God bless.

Xoxo, Linda

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