My Vote 

I have been struggling with this issue for months now. Voting. Oh gosh, the thought of it made me anxious. I wrestled back and forth almost every day. I have always voted republican. It aligns with my morals and values and I leave the rest to God. But this time it was different. The only republican candidate for presidency was blatantly attacking my people. I’m sure you all have heard what he has said about Mexicans. Even though I am not Mexican, my parents were both born in El Salvador, Central America, and came to this country as immigrants. They sacrificed their lives to offer me a better one. They left their beloved El Salvador during a time of war and self destruction. I am forever grateful for the sacrifice my parents made to give me a better life. To give me the opportunity of being a citizen of the greatest country in the world. And even though my parents came as illegal immigrants, they bacame citizens and business owners. My dad NEVER abused the system, he NEVER had ANY assistance from the government. My dad was an honorable man that believed it was his job to provide for our family. I am so proud of the man I have for a father. My dad would work 15 hour days standing since I was a baby. He is the hardest working man I know. I love you dad! I’m sharing this because I want you to understand where I’m coming from, and perhaps you are in the same place. I’ve been so stuck on what Donald Trump has said about my people, that it has brought so much confusion. His bullying ways, his immature behavior, his hateful words, have overshadowed any good I could think of. I’m not saying there is a right or wrong answer to voting so please hear my heart. At the end of the day, this life is just a glimpse compared to eternity, and where our heart is is all that matters. So don’t confuse my words for any type of judgement. I pray this can be useful and a blessing to someone.

So last night I was talking to a friend and asked her for some wisdom. I’m not going to sit here and tell you I am super informed about politics because that would be a lie. This friend, Carol, is way more informed and has my same moral beliefs. I honestly was not planning on voting. I couldn’t bring myself to vote for Hillary, and I also couldn’t stomach the thought of voting for Trump. But if you know me, you know I believe in being an active human being and taking action, especially when it comes to issues that matter so much as our country’s government. I would think about the fact that my parents gave me the gift of voting. How not too long ago women could not vote. I wanted to vote! I just couldn’t! I needed direction from God. Also, hearing other so called “Christians” defending Trump’s actions would send me into complete “defense” mode. So many people used the Bible to defend racism back in the segregation days. I just cannot understand how we can call ourselves Christians and use the beautiful, perfect love, self-sacrificing Bible to defend this man’s actions? So again, I was stuck. Stuck without clarity. Without direction. It’s a miserable place.

So I asked my friend for some wisdom. How did she come to a conclusion on who to vote. She started telling me that she voted republican. I asked her, “so you voted for Trump?” And she responded that if she had to vote for Hillary or Trump, she wouldn’t have voted. That she voted republican because it aligned with her moral beliefs. Which I totally agree with! We talked about where we have struggled in making a decision and that’s when all the confusion became evident. I have been more stuck defending my people, than defending God’s Word. At the end of the day, God will take care of His people. Jesus came to die on the cross for the gentiles, not just the Jews. So that means all Americans, Mexicans and every other kind of people are gentiles. We are all one. We are all worthy of His love. We are all equal in His eyes. But I know that! I know our lives are in His hands. My job is to stand with the written Word and let God be our president. Carol said one very important thing that stuck out to me. She is also Latina. She said in the end, when we all stand before God, it will not be about what race we were. We will all stand as one people and be judged based on our character. Our morals, our convictions, our beliefs, how we lived our lives. And that’s when it became clear to her.  We love our people and will always stand proud to be latinos, but we love God’s Word more and believe He knows best. That’s when I knew I had to vote.

This morning as I was getting ready to go vote, I was so emotional. I was wrestling with the thought all morning. Not because I wasn’t sure if it was right. But because I had to lay down my pride. And not a selfish pride or childish pride. My human pride. If you have ever been looked down on, you know where I’m coming from. And if you have never felt that way, try to not judge something you have no idea what it is like. Just love and show compassion. I had to surrender my human nature that fights when attacked,  and trust that The Almighty will take care of me. The more I realized where my heart was, the more clear it became where the confusion came from. I prayed. I even cried outside of the library that I voted in. I cried because I had to surrender myself and tell God that I trust Him. That I will believe and have faith that His word is truth. His word is life! And I will obey. I went in, and voted republican all the way.

I am not sharing this to start a debate. Because this is my experience. My walk. So please don’t start a debate because your beliefs are different than mine. That is not why I’m sharing. If you would like to share some of your wisdom, please write your own blog ;) I am sharing because I have felt freedom and clarity and I hope it can help someone else who is struggling with the same questions I had.

After I voted I prayed in my car, “Lord, have mercy on us. We trust in you. It is in Your hands my Lord. Lead our country back to You.”

May we yearn to be like Him. To love like Him. To live a life that pleases Jesus.

God bless,


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